Mensch und Maschine Software SE lost a leader

COO Christoph Aschenbrenner passed away

  • More than 30 years at M+M, since 2014 on the board
  • No replacement in the financial holding M+M SE
Wessling, April 25, 2022 – Christoph Aschenbrenner, COO of Mensch und Maschine Software SE, has sadly passed away. During his Easter vacation, he suffered an unexpected heart attack. Together with his wife and five children, we mourn the loss of a great father, friend, colleague, and wonderful person.
In over 30 years with Mensch und Maschine, the graduate engineer in wood and plastics technology has held various positions and also gained international experience before he was appointed to senior management at the turn of the millennium.
Since 2009, he has achieved great success in the transition of the business model from Distribution to VAR Business, in which his very committed and always approachable manner enabled him to integrate more than a dozen previous partner companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria into the M+M family.
Even after being appointed Managing Director and COO in 2014, he remained a "primus inter pares" for the operational management team and was always a holistic and pragmatic colleague for CFO Markus Pech and Founder/Chairman Adi Drotleff.
In continuation of this holistic and collegial style, the management team, consisting of Volker Nesenhoener and Dr. Josef Koch (CAD/CAM), Marcus Hoellrich (Europe), Wolfgang Huber (Industry/CAE), Rainer Sailer (Construction/BIM), Frank Markus (Infrastructure) and Stephan Fuchs (Switzerland) mutually proposed not to replace the position of COO in the financial holding company M+M SE and thus to clearly display the existing multi-level management structure in the M+M group.
As Chairman of the Administrative Board, Adi Drotleff agrees to this proposal: "Though the human gap left by Christoph can never be closed, we can at least ensure the smoothest possible organizational continuity in this way. We owe that to our employees, customers, shareholders, and business partners.”