M+M BIM Booster

The indispensable extension for Revit to significantly increase the (BIM-) process efficiency.

Man and Machine’s BIM Booster was developed to significantly increase the efficiency and profitability in your daily work with Autodesk Revit. Especially complex BIM processes that require immense effort are broadly optimized by the BIM Booster. The BIM Booster is a solution from customers for customers – designed according to various requests from our customers.
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M+M BIM Booster Planning

Increased efficiency in planning, tendering and coordinating
The BIM Booster Planning gets to the bottom of your BIM model. The Planning module is split into an Architecture and a MEP part.
For Architecture:
Automatic expansion areas are impossible in Revit. Yet with the BIM Booster you can automatically calculate wall surfaces, ceilings, floors associated to a room.
The BIM Booster offers you a bi-directional link to Excel for exporting properties to Excel, sharing them with stakeholders and re-importing changes into the Revit model.
There also is the library tool to manage and search your Revit Families easily.
These and many other tools that help Architects to be more efficient are part of the BIM Booster

For MEP:
The BIM Booster helps especially on the small, time-consuming tasks, for example connecting heaters quickly and collision free to the piping systems. Or automatically creating pipe isolations depending on the piping diameter.
One of the highlights is certainly the void management: the Booster automatically detects interdisciplinary collisions and creates openings for them. All necessary information is stored in families and can be labeled automatically. Communication between planers can even be managed through a text file, without the need of the Revit model.

M+M BIM Booster Calculation

Fast and comprehensible analysis of BIM-Models 
The BIM Booster Calculation extends Autodesk Revit for a praxis-oriented 3D Quantity TakeOff. You benefit from individual object filters and interfaces to the common Tender-and-Award Systems.
The Booster allows you to link objects to tender positions and easily filter unassigned objects or combinations of tender positions. 
Furthermore you can connect to common interfaces like GAEB (commonly used in Germany) or the Austrian standard, but also to eBKP or SAP.

M+M BIM Booster Model Check

Highest model quality

The BIM Booster Model Check monitors your model inside Revit consistently while you are working on it – parameters, fire protection, wall layers, North direction or geometry to name a few. 
Issues that vary from the (set?) rules are instantly highlighted visually or shown in lists. This way, model issues can instantly be fixed or false parameter be changed. Like this, issues instantly show up while modeling instead of later during the coordination workflow.