MuM BIM Booster

MuM BIM Booster

The BIM Booster features and functions within Autodesk Revit are indispensable in helping you deliver your BIM projects efficiently and accurately.

BIM Booster by Mensch und Maschine was developed to enhance your daily work with Autodesk Revit by driving even higher levels of productivity and efficiency. BIM processes, which often require considerable effort, derive significant improvement and optimization through the BIM Booster. BIM Booster is a solution developed by customers for customers, to provide solutions to their diverse requirements. 
All modules of the BIM Booster are fully integrated with Autodesk Revit and are automatically initialized with Revit. The BIM Booster consists of three modules: Design, Calculation and Model Checking.

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More efficiency in design, tendering and coordination

The BIM Booster Design module creates evaluations reports to extract information from your BIM model - exactly according to your defined criteria.
BIM Booster Design contains special functions, such as slot and penetration planning, which helps make the BIM workflow between building services planners and architects even easier.
With the library, you can search and load not only families, but also projects, grid images, labels as well as detailed elements. These can be clearly filtered and/or edited. Can you evaluate soundproof walls, double-winged doors or windows with round arches? Absolutely! You simply choose whether you want to select the displayed data sets directly as a graphic in the project or create a list with all parameters. Over 100 customizable template lists are included. 
In addition, there is a really unique feature that allows you to export the results of the evaluation to Excel, edit them and write them back to the Revit model. With BIM Booster, you can also generate floors or wall developments for several rooms at the same time. Also very popular is the “Openings” function. Here, 2D sketches are converted into windows or doors according to your specifications at the push of a button.
The BIM Booster drives efficiency in mundane tasks, creating an enormous time saving. How do you ensure that all radiators are connected correctly, even in large construction projects? How can you save drawing the pipes of an underfloor heating system and still transfer all parameters to the calculation software for heating design? With BIM Booster, you can do this work with just a few clicks. This saves a lot of time and brings an enormous amount of security. 
The software also enables better cooperation between all planning partners. Slit and breakthrough planning is a good indicator of the quality of cooperation between all project participants. The BIM Booster determines the positions of all necessary openings and recesses - for easy exchange with architects and structural engineers.

Highlights of the MuM BIM Booster Design:

  • Extension areas - calculation of complete room extensions such as wall covering, ceiling, floor ...
  • Evaluation - import and export of lists and evaluations reports to Excel
  • Library - Search, find and manage Revit families
  • Floor tool - easy creation + evaluation of single and multi-layer floors
  • Room book - Evaluation of all room relevant components in one report
  • Parameter management – keep Revit attributes firmly under control
  • Wall processing - automated generation of wall views
  • Display ARC and MEP rooms in 3D, control + evaluation of room volumes
  • Slit and breakthrough planning
  • Underfloor heating (transfer of parameter values to calculation programs)
  • Hangers, brackets and pipe clamps modelling
  • Automatic radiator connection (also several radiators at once)
  • Pipe insulation according to DIN/EnEV
  • Legend tool - automatic creation of a legend on a plan

Evaluate BIM models quickly and comprehensively

The BIM Booster Calculation extends Autodesk Revit functionality with a practical 3D quantity takeoff. Benefit from individual component filters and the exchange option with all tendering systems.
The interface allows you to communicate easily and precisely with any tendering system - it masters the German GAEB standard, the Ö-Norm, as well as eBKP. You can also connect to and communicate with SAP and other systems.
Comprehensive interface evaluation functions make it easy to find the exact components you want to assign to a specification for tendering position. By filtering the unassigned components, you can see which positions you still need to create in the tender. Of course, you can also use the cost functions to process linked projects, for example: a residential building plus underground garage, a conversion and extension and other various construction phases. 


  • Component filter for special requirements of the calculation
  • Creation of own formulas for a rule-based quantity takeoff
  • Interface for importing and exporting specifications from and to any tendering system, including GAEB, Ö-Norm and eBKP
  • Customizable Excel templates for the output of interface evaluations
  • Connection of company-owned databases, can be implemented on request

High quality for your models

With the BIM Booster Model Checking, the model can be checked automatically while working with Autodesk Revit - for area parameters, fire protection, wall layers and north alignment. Problems that deviate from the rules are immediately displayed visually or in tabular form. Modelling errors can be corrected immediately, or incorrectly defined parameters can be changed. In this way, model quality is guaranteed, at all times.
A high-quality BIM model is a prerequisite for the smooth implementation of BIM use cases, according to defined office or project standards. In most cases, model quality is checked by coordinators in special coordination tools. Any errors found must then be communicated to the model creators (designers) and corrected in the creation software, e.g. Autodesk Revit.
Our rules-based wizard for Revit reduces the need for coordination tools. Errors during creation are displayed to the designer immediately, without delay, and can be edited directly.