MuM eXs | Basics | 3 Days

In this seminar you will learn how eXs can support you professionally in your daily work and how to use eXs competently and efficiently. You will learn how eXs works and how to adapt it to your individual needs. Furthermore, after the training you will be able to create, draw and output your schematic documentation quickly and economically. You will acquire the knowledge to parameterize your projects, to create your own symbols, macros and assemblies, to use existing automatisms for evaluations and to be able to conclude your projects with the control cabinet layout. With valuable tips and helpful tools in eXs, you can again increase your productivity in the company enormously.


Our online presentation seminars (OPS) are held in virtual classrooms. Each participant has their own high-performance CAD computer at their disposal via online access. All that is required for participation is a commercially available computer with an active, stable Internet connection (recommended 3,000 k/bits or higher). Our instructors are there for you during the OPS via video and audio transmission. You will receive detailed step-by-step instructions for participation in a separate e-mail after your registration.

Newcomer to eXs
Basic AutoCAD knowledge and Windows skills, stable internet connection from 3,000 k/bits, GoToMeeting software, TeamViewer software, telephone or VoiceOverIP, second screen or smartphone/tablet

Momentan sind keine Termine geplant. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie sich für dieses Seminar interessieren.

Basic information about eXs

  • Philosophy
  • User interface
  • General information about eXs

Creation of the schema documentation

  • Project definition and settings
  • Drawing functions
  • Creation of circuit diagrams
  • Assigning item information
  • Dealing with project and catalog manager
  • Copy options for projects, functions, pages and contents
  • Terminal and cable management, terminal editor
  • Project (re)editing
  • Data backup

Symbol and macro creation

  • Define and create own symbols
  • Create own macros
  • Use existing symbol graphics from DXF and DWG files
  • Create new assemblies and exchange


  • Basics of evaluation
  • List output as graphics and in Excel
  • Project plotting
  • PDF output

Tips & tools for effective work

  • Data editor
  • Parts manager & where-used list
  • Handling articles
  • Control center

Im Seminarpreis enthalten:
Own CAD-capable training computer, all software licenses required for online access,
MuM seminar materials (will be sent by mail before the start of the training) and certificate. The seminar price is per seminar participant.

Our seminars take place with a minimum of 3 participants.
If this seminar does not take place, we will inform you about this at the latest 1 week before the seminar starts.