Mensch und Maschine Software SE discloses preliminary results 2023

Guidance exactly matched: EPS 2022/23 +17% p.a.

  • New record year with very high cash flows
  • Dividend proposal +14% / Positive outlook
Wessling, February 7, 2024 – Mensch und Maschine Software SE (MUM - ISIN DE0006580806), a CAD/CAM/BIM specialist company, achieved strong earnings in the final quarter, resulting in new record figures for 2023. EPS growth was +17% p.a. over the two years 2022/23, exactly matching the original +14-20% guidance from 2021.

According to preliminary figures, sales came in at approx. EUR 322 mln, just slightly above previous year’s EUR 320.48 mln, as expected, with a contribution of EUR 104.5 mln / +7.5% from Software and EUR 217.5 mln / -0% from the VAR Business. Gross profit climbed disproportionately to approx. EUR 168.5 mln (PY: 161.14 / +4.6%), with EUR 95 mln / +9% from Software and EUR 73.5 mln / -0% from the VAR Business.

Operating profit EBIT increased to approx. EUR 46.8 mln (PY: 42.63 / +10%), with EUR 28.4 mln / +13% from Software and EUR 18.4 mln / +5% from VAR Business. EBIT margin rose to 14.5% (PY: 13.3%). Through strict cost discipline, consistently higher quarterly EBITs were achieved despite inflation, even compared to the record Q4 in the previous year.

Net profit after minority shares grew by +11% to approx. EUR 28.8 mln (PY: 26.01), or 172 Cents (PY: 155) per share. Compared to the 126 Cents per share from 2021, growth was +36.5% or +17% per year.

Operating cash flows jumped by more than a quarter to a new record amount of approx. EUR 50 mln (PY: 39.05) or 300 Cents/share (PY: 233).

CFO Markus Pech and Chairman Adi Drotleff are completely satisfied with the 2023 financial year, especially given the harsh environment, and plan to submit to the general meeting a dividend proposal of 160 Cents (PY: 140 / +14%), i.e. in the middle of the guidance range.

They also give a positive outlook, expecting an increase of +10-20% to 189-206 Cents in EPS and an increase in the dividend of +20-30 Cents to 180-190 Cents in 2024. For 2025, M+M management is targeting EPS growth of +12-25% and +25-35 Cents more in dividends.
The final audited 2023 figures, which will be disclosed in the accounts press conference on March 14, 2024, may differ from the preliminary figures.