Mensch und Maschine Software SE presenting Q1 report 2022

Strongest quarter ever in M+M history

  • Sales +18% / EBIT +20% / Net profit +25%
  • Ambitious targets for fiscal year 2022 underlined
Wessling, April 21, 2022 – Mensch und Maschine Software SE (MUM - ISIN DE0006580806), a CAD/CAM/BIM specialist company, started the year 2022 with the strongest quarter ever in the company’s history and continued its record chasing, including double digit sales and profit increases.
Sales at EUR 85.41 mln (PY: 72.34 / +18%) also significantly exceeded the previous record EUR 78.63 mln from Q1/2020. The Software segment contribution was EUR 24.68 mln (PY: 22.03 / +12%), and EUR 60.73 mln (PY: 50.31 / +21%) sales were contributed by the VAR Business.
Operating profit EBIT at EUR 13.38 mln (PY: 11.16 / +20%) clearly exceeded the previous year’s record, with nearly equal growth percentage from Software at EUR 7.65 mln (PY: 6.42 / +19%) and VAR Business at EUR 5.73 mln (PY: 4.74 / +21%). Net profit after minority shares grew by as much as +25% to EUR 8.34 mln (PY: 6.68), or 49 Cents (PY: 40) per share.
M+M CFO Markus Pech: ‘After the strong start of the year we further expect gross profit to grow within a +8-12% bandwidth to EUR 150-155 mln and aim for a net profit increase by +18-24 Cents to 144-150 Cents per share (+14-19%). Assuming we achieve this target, we plan to increase the dividend to 135-140 Cents after 120 Cents for the previous year.’
M+M Chairman Adi Drotleff adds with regard to actual risk: ‘The Ukraine conflict so far did not have a significant negative impact on our business nor cause us to change our short and long-term targets. In the event of a global escalation, however, a stronger negative impact could no longer be ruled out.’