Mensch und Maschine Software SE presenting Annual Report 2020

87 of 100 Cents dividend payment are tax-free

  • Despite Corona: EBIT +14% / Net +12% / Cashflow +28%
  • Sustainable growth targets for the coming years
Wessling, March 15, 2021 – Mensch und Maschine Software SE (MUM - ISIN DE0006580806), a CAD/CAM specialist company, today presents the Annual Report 2020, detailing the preliminary results disclosed on February 10, and confirming the sustainable growth targets for the coming years.
After +24.5% growth in Q1 and Corona retarding effects from Q2 onwards, sales at EUR 244 mln came in just below the previous year’s record, but profit and cash flows had double-digit increases to new records through high cost elasticity and growing margin strength during the course of the year.
Operating profit EBIT amounted to EUR 31.03 mln / +14%, still with the lion’s share EUR 19.14 mln / +10% from Software, but the VAR Business at EUR 11.90 mln / +21% continued to further catch up. EBIT margin climbed to 12.7% (PY: 11.1%) in the group, 25.3% (PY: 23.1%) for Software and 7.1% (PY: 5.7%) in the VAR segment.
Net profit after minority shares increased to EUR 18.71 mln / +12% or 111.5 Cents (PY: 99) per share. Operating cash flows continued to soar, achieving EUR 33.73 mln / +28% or 201 Cents (PY: 157) per share.
Management will propose to the annual shareholders’ meeting on May 11 to pay a dividend increased to 100 Cents (PY: 85 / +18%), again including the option to be paid out in cash or as a share dividend. 87 of 100 Cents can be paid out tax-free from the ‘steuerliches Einlagenkonto’ (§27 KStG).
M+M Chairman Adi Drotleff confirms the sustainable profit and dividend growth targets for the coming years: ‘For EPS in 2021, we target a growth to 125-135 Cents (+12-21%), with 115-120 Cents dividend. We assume mirrored seasonality compared to the previous year: Q1 strong, but yet below the all-time records of 2020, and with Q4 being the strongest quarter of the year. From 2022 onwards we expect to return to our long-term achieved growth mode, with +8-12% p.a. for sales as well as +18-24 Cents p.a. for EPS and +15-20 Cents more dividend p.a.’