Mensch und Maschine Software SE discloses final 2018 figures

Preliminary figures & ambitious targets confirmed

  • 2018: Sales +15% / EBITDA +26% / Net profit +37%
  • 2019E: Sales +15-20% / EBIT +22-33% / EPS +25-34%
Wessling, March 11, 2019 – Mensch und Maschine Software SE (MUM - ISIN DE0006580806), a CAD/CAM specialist company, during the annual accounts press conference today confirmed the preliminary 2018 figures which had been disclosed on February 15, with new profit records and a 30% dividend increase. Accordingly the ambitious targets for 2019 and the following years with sustainable sales and profit growth and rising dividends have been detailed and underlined.
Sales significantly grew to EUR 185.40 mln (PY: 160.85 / +15%), with contributions of solid EUR 55.73 mln (PY: 50.47 / +10.4%) from Software and strong EUR 129.67 mln (PY: 110.38 / +17.5%) from the VAR Business.
Operating profit EBITDA amounting to EUR 22.75 mln (PY: 18.05 / +26%) marked a new record level, again with the lion’s share from Software at EUR 14.68 mln (PY: 12.70 / +16%), but the VAR Business at EUR 8.07 mln (PY: 5.35 / +51%) caught up a bit due to stronger growth. EBIT as well marked a new record at EUR 19.66 mln (PY: 15.21 / +29%) and first double digit EBIT margin at 10.6% (PY: 9.5%).
Net profit after minority shares jumped to a record EUR 11.69 mln (PY: 8.55 / +37%), or 71.5 Cents (PY: 52.5) per share. Management will propose to the annual shareholders’ meeting on May 8 to pay a dividend increased by 30% to 65 Cents (PY: 50), again including the option to be paid out in cash or as a share dividend.
CEO Adi Drotleff again confirmed the ambitious targets for 2019: ‘We see further healthy organic growth and are getting additional push by the majority takeover in SOFiSTiK AG, so we expect sales to grow +15-20% to EUR 215-220 mln, EBIT +22-33% to EUR 24-26 mln and earnings per share (EPS) +25-34% to 89-95 Cents, with a 77-83 Cents dividend plan. So our long term goal to achieve one Euro EPS in 2020 is finally within reach, and for the years to come we expect +10-12% sales growth combined with EUR +3.5-5.0 mln for EBIT and +18-24 Cents for EPS. The dividend is intended to further grow by 15-20 Cents per year.’